Know Us

We are a team of animal lovers, we are dedicated to animal safety and well being. We help them in sustaining their life
in this era where animal poaching and killing is jutting animals on the verge of extinction. We help them live
freely under natural habitat.n


Our agenda is to keep animal
safe and sound without
hurting them.n


Our Vision is to provide
better and proper care to
our animals.


We keep our animals safe from poachers and hunters,
they are safe with us.n

Dedicated To
Animal Safety

We work for only one thing that is animal safety and well being our sole motto of opening the pet zoo was that we wanted our animals to explore the world of human beings, interacting with them by being caressed.n

Meet The Trainers

Our Trainers Helps Our Animals

Mike Anthony
Wildlife Trainer

Mike Anthony is one of the finest wildlife trainer in the world . He is in this profession for almost 15 years. He takes such good care of his animals that they are his own progeny.

Julia Anderson
Dolphin Trainer

Julia Anderson is our dolphin trainer and literally speaking she is the best, she makes them dance on her fingertips and care for them like a mother.

Edward Shaw
Reptiles Care Taker

He is the best nephrologist and kidney specialist with over 10+ years of experience. Over these 10+ years of journey, he has had a thousands of happy patients.

Hugh Hefner

Being an ethologist it is his first duty to make sure that all the animals at pet zoo are safe and they are healthy. He read the behavioural change and work according to the change.